Mesotherapy Facial Contouring

Removing excess fat and rejuvenating facial skin

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is the process of injecting specialized solutions into the middle layer of the facial skin with the use of fine needles. These solutions are injected to remove excess fat and tighten the skin around the affected areas.

This process is aimed at correcting the root cause of the build-up – improving poor circulation and inflammation that is damaging the skin.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a prescription, FDA-approved medication used to improve the appearance of stubborn fat below the chin, oftentimes referred to as a ‘double chin.’

Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the treatment area under the chin to improve your profile.

Does mesotherapy hurt?

Considering the mesotherapy process consists of a number of injections around the same area, there is some discomfort with the procedure. However, the pain is minor and doesn’t require the need for medication post-procedure for any pain or discomfort.

When will you see results from Kybella mesotherapy treatment?

The results of Kybella and Mesotherapy are not immediate. A series of treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results and these will occur at no sooner than the one-month interval.

How long does mesotherapy with Kybella last?

Patients can expect to see results within a few weeks, but as this is a non-invasive procedure that targets only the middle layer of skin, the results are not permanent.

Patients are usually treated with a course of 4-6 treatments which can provide 12 to 18 months of results. To continue seeing these results, patients must continue their treatments to maintain the change in appearance.

What should you expect post-treatment?

Mesotherapy is a common procedure, but you will need to take a few extra steps post-treatment to ensure optimal results. Patients can expect to resume their normal schedules almost immediately, though they should refrain from bathing, showering, sunbathing and exercising vigorously for 48 hours. Hot tubs should be avoided for two weeks. Patients should also remember to drink plenty of water during and after treatment and continue applying their Arnica cream. Bruising can last a few weeks after the procedure.

Mesotherapy FAQ

What are the ingredients in the injections?
 The solution consists of various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, plant extracts, anesthetics, medications and amino acids. The ingredients vary depending on the needs of the patient and the effect desired while allowing for a greater level of safety when issues such as drug interactions and allergies exist.

How many treatments are required before the results are visible?
 A treatment cycle could require as few as 4 and as many as 10 treatments or more depending on the size of the area being treated and the results desired.

Are the treatments painful?
 The procedure has minimal discomfort, but if a patient is sensitive to needles, local anesthetic or numbing cream can be used. The discomfort level is often compared to
that of waxing.

How long do the benefits last?
 Patients who make a commitment to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle following
treatment should see their results last. Some patients require some maintenance every
six to twelve months.

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Benefits include

It Can Help Reduce The Appearance Of Double Chin (Submental Fullness)

Can Give You A Younger And Learner Appearance

Non-Invasive Process With Little To No Downtime

Results Within 4-6 Weeks

Most common side effects include





Tenderness or discomfort



Alopecia at the site of injection