Need a moment to ground yourself? Visit our Zen meditation room and relax before your treatment. Start your visit in a calm and peaceful room to deepen your meditation practice or start on your meditation journey. Our water feature provides the sound of moving water just as a stream would in nature. Clear your mind and leave the stresses of your day behind. Our meditation room will prepare you for whatever customized treatment is bringing you in and will set you up for a better, more mindful day ahead.

Benefits Include

Stress Management

Improves Mood, Sense Of Well-Being, And Gratitude

Helps You Become Intune Aware Of Your Body And Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Needs

Reduces Blood Pressure

Improves Sleep

Improves Concentration And Mindfulness

Helps To Focus On The Present Moment

Increases Patience

Help To Gain A New Perspective

Can Help With Weight Loss

And Any More!

Zen’s meditation room is provided to all of our patients so you can relax and unwind. Call to schedule an appointment today and take advantage of this oasis in the city!