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Why is skincare so important and how does it relate to our overall health and well-being? You don’t have to be a model, influencer, skincare junkie, or obsessed about your looks to be interested in skin health or skincare. Our skin is our largest organ. It’s our first line of defense from the elements and harmful pathogens, it helps regulate our temperature and gives us sensory information like pain, pleasure, and temperature. There are so many reasons to keep our barrier strong, healthy, and intact. Daily skin care is just as essential as brushing our teeth! Simply adding sunscreen to your daily routine can potentially add years to your life, not to mention save you a lot of pain and anguish from painful surgeries and treatments. Using a daily skincare routine will not just keep the skin barrier intact but also maintain the healthy function of your skin, protecting you from dry flakey skin, infection, and dermatitis. Healthy functioning skin is also more tolerant and heals faster from injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and burns or if you are recovering from surgical procedures or laser treatments.

A lovely side effect of maintaining a healthy functioning skin barrier is a youthful, more glowing appearance. If you are wanting to make any aesthetic changes in your skin like clearing acne, lightening pigmentation, smoothing texture, or just general anti-aging, skincare is your first step. Whether you are considering facial and body treatments like chemical peels, lasers, or injectables, skincare is essential to the success of those treatments for the reasons mentioned above…more tolerant, faster healing skin. Medical grade skin care is essential to protecting your investment in those treatments so you can enjoy glowing skin for years to come! 

No matter what your age or skin condition, a daily skincare routine is essential to your overall health and well-being. Just simply the act of “self-care” can improve your mood, confidence, and mental clarity. Just like brushing your teeth, skincare is for everyone!

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I am a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and a board certified Dermatologist. My expertise centers on general dermatology including medical, surgical, and cosmetic services. With training in bioengineering, Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, I merge modern research and science with a personalized approach to each patient. My training in Ayurvedic medicine lets me bring in a more humanistic approach to my patient care, science, and research.

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