What Are The Benefits Of Shirodhara

What Are The Benefits Of Shirodhara by ZEN Dermatology in Sacramento, CA

The term Shirodhara originates from the Sanskrit words “Shiro,” which means “head,” and “Dhara,” which means “channel” (flow). It is an Ayurvedic healing method that consists of having someone pour liquid onto your forehead. The liquid typically used is oil, milk, buttermilk, or water. It is frequently combined with a massage of the body, the scalp, or the head.

Ayurveda is a method of holistic medicine that has its roots in India and was developed thousands of years ago. The life forces, known as doshas found within your body, are this practice’s primary philosophy. Ayurvedic treatments have a long history of promoting physical health, emotional well-being, and a connection to one’s soul. These treatments are mentioned in a variety of Vedic scriptures. 

As great as these sounds, what does this holistic medicine do to you exactly, and what are its benefits? Learn more about the topic by continue reading the blog. 

Shirodhara Overview

The therapeutic benefits of hair massage induce pleasure, which causes you to forget your worldly concerns and fall asleep faster. Shirodhara is a more relaxing and therapeutic head massage with numerous physical and mental benefits. If you think a head massage is relaxing, Shirodhara is even more so. After dripping oil on the forehead, a light massage is given at the end. And, yes, it is as soothing as it sounds.

Shirodhara therapy is simply the application of medicated oil to the forehead. Let’s go over the procedure in detail.

The person experiencing the treatment lies down on their back in this Ayurvedic therapy. In the following step, warm, medicated oil is poured over the forehead from a certain height. The practitioner then gently massages the oil into the skin after it has flowed around the forehead and down into the scalp.

While a regular head massage can help you sleep, relax, and strengthen your hair follicles, Shirodhara has additional benefits.

How It Works

When the medicated oil or any herbal extract is poured over the forehead, it produces a calming sensation. This can also be done with any other part of the head. This feeling is transmitted along the peripheral nerves and arrives at the hypothalamus.

In response to external stimuli, the hypothalamus either suppresses or activates the release of hormones. These stimuli can be physical or emotional. As a direct consequence, the secondary hormones located throughout the body become active and set off an appropriate reaction.

Shirodhara has the potential to assist in the regulation of these hormones as well as the restoration of balance in both your mind and body. It has been shown to help relieve stress, promote restful sleep, and calm an agitated mind. Enhancing brain function and warding off mental exhaustion are benefits you can gain from using warm medicated oil, which can dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

It’s interesting to note that Shirodhara can also control the amount of serotonin your body produces. Serotonin is a helpful hormone that can keep your mood in check and give you a sense of being rooted in reality. On the other hand, abnormally high serotonin levels have the opposite effect. Symptoms of elevated serotonin levels include profuse sweating, shivering, the feeling of having diarrhea, restlessness, and other similar symptoms. Shirodhara is a powerful therapy that can help individuals overcome chronic stress and promote feelings of calmness.

If you are having difficulty handling a personal loss or feel burned out due to the overwhelming pressure of your work, a Shirodhara therapy session performed by a trained professional can help you find tranquility and relieve your tense nerves.

Benefits Of Shirodhara

Shirodhara is a comprehensive treatment administered in a room that has been specially designed for the purpose, using specialized techniques and components to achieve the most significant possible health benefits. Let’s look at some of the essential advantages of using Shirodhara.

Reduce Stress

It should be no surprise that getting a head massage can help relieve stress and clear your mind, improving your ability to think and perform. Shirodhara, on the other hand, has a more profound effect than that. Shirodhara therapy can help overcome past traumas and reduce chronic stress when performed regularly. In addition to this, it reduces the stress brought on by obstacles in one’s professional development or conflicts within the family.

Shirodhara is an excellent method for regaining calm and composure when the environment around you becomes cluttered and disorganized.

You could try using balaswagandhadi thailam, a herbal preparation that works well for any oil therapy, even though the primary benefit of this oil is that it helps the body recover its strength after a fever or infection.

Enhance Sleep

Remember the last time you were able to fall asleep quickly and easily? Can’t you seem to place it? You could blame your incapability to fall asleep on your mattress or the weather, but in most cases, it results from an overactive mind or a medical problem. Shirodhara is a type of therapy that helps patients fall asleep. 

However, this does not automatically imply that it will put you to sleep when you experience it. Instead, it functions in an environmentally friendly way. Your nerves will be calmed, your mind will be at ease, and the quality of your sleep will improve as a result.

Enhance Cognitive Capabilities

The practice of Shirodhara has many positive effects on the brain, one of which is improving cognitive abilities. However, what exactly does that imply?

Flavonoids, antioxidants, and other neuroprotective components can be found in oils used in Shirodhara treatments. These components help to improve brain function. The treatment reportedly improves memory, alertness, and one’s capacity to concentrate. The elderly, more likely to suffer from memory loss, can benefit greatly from this oil therapy.


Keep in mind that the majority of studies that have been conducted on the benefits of Shirodhara have been relatively small, with only a few participants each time. However, not a single one suggests that the treatment may have unintended consequences.


You can experience many of the benefits of Shirodhara right now by contacting and dropping by our clinic, ZEN Dermatology. We offer many holistic and other dermatology services and products to help our patients address their wellness concerns. 

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