How Can I Get A UV Photo Of My Skin?

How Can I Get A UV Photo Of My Skin

Discovering what your skin tells you is the first step in developing a solution to your skincare issues. That’s why we use a VISIA Skin Analysis system at Zen Dermatology. We can examine your skin from a variety of angles using this system, including the utilization of UV Photos.

Depending on skin type, exposure to the sun, etc., each person’s skin tells a unique story about themselves. Our clinic strives to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on their particular circumstances. Correcting sun damage, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin care issues begin with the VISIA Skin Analysis.

Why Use UV Photo To Inspect Your Skin

Melanin production in the epidermis and dermis leads to skin hyperpigmentation, including brown spots and freckles. However, imaging techniques under visible light cannot detect early signs of UV skin damage and pigmentary disorders. Since melanin absorbs UV light, it is well known that UV light highlights pigment spots, and UV photography, a photographic process using only UV light, can be used to detect pigmentary disorders with minimally invasive and accurate methods.

But as you may notice, using UV photography methods isn’t exactly easy to do. That’s why many clinics do not offer this treatment. However, thanks to modern innovations, such as through Visia Skin Analysis, we can take better high-quality UV photo images of your skin in a portable and accessible manner. 

Get A UV Photo With Visia Skin Analysis

Our clinic proudly introduces the Visia Skin Analysis, a brand-new tool for assessing your skin’s health and determining the best products to suit your needs.

It’s a cutting-edge digital imaging system that examines the skin from the inside out. Design is so advanced that surface and subsurface levels of your skin can be viewed. A high-tech camera takes detailed photos of your skin and then reports back with a straightforward analysis of your skin’s health.

The software analyzes your skin’s color, texture, and tone to make treatment suggestions appropriate for your unique skin circumstance. Users can also keep track of their progress and use that information to make informed decisions about the future appearance of their skin.

How It Works

When it comes to skin analysis, Visia Skin Analysis employs two primary methods: scanning and photo-imaging. Surface and subsurface skin layers can be accurately scanned and imaged using a scanner and photo-imaging.

The scanner and the photo-imaging system capture images from various angles and then use AI algorithms to identify wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc. After that, you’ll receive an overall skin condition score and recommend options to help improve your skin if you decide to apply them. 

It’s like having a professional examine your skin and then advise on what to do—except it’s a literal machine. 

How It Recommends A Solution

Using AI algorithms, the device determines where you stand regarding skin condition and age compared to others in your peer group. Through this technique, the provider can review previous records and compare the outcomes of similar procedures. If they have no prior experience, the AI algorithms can recommend the best treatment based on a database of previous clients and their progress over time.

They’ll be able to tailor a program to your specific requirements now that they’re well-versed in the subject matter. They can also keep tabs on your treatment results using the same system.

So What Happens If You Get An Appointment?

If you do decide to seek an appointment for services at Zen Dermatology, you can expect that we will use the Visia Skin Analysis tool to address your needs. 

First, you’ll sit down for an interview with your provider, who will conduct a skin exam, ask you questions about your health history, and gather any extra details you may have about your condition or its onset.

Patients will be asked to sit before a light source that will glow on their faces after the consultation. Your skin’s current condition can be accurately assessed using Visia Skin Analysis. The Visia device then captures three views of your face: the left, the center, and the right. You’ll soon be able to see the various photo-imaging scans of your face on a computer screen. For your treatment, your skin’s first set of measurements will serve as the baseline for your progress.

Throughout your treatment, you’ll be subjected to another round of scans. You will be able to see how the treatment plan is assisting you in improving your skin by looking at your before and after progress scans.

What Can You Expect From The Device?

Consider the Visia Skin Analysis akin to an X-ray scan in terms of how it works. As with an X-ray, the results can be viewed from various angles and layers. Instead of using X-rays, this device uses photo imaging. Here are the Visia Skin Analysis device’s expected results:

  • Observation of the skin’s unique characteristics
  • Accurately determining the extent of UV damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye.
  • Calculates your actual age concerning your skin’s real age (premature aging)
  • Red and brown splotches are identified
  • Porphyrins—bacterias and oil that can lead to acne breakouts—are determined by this method.

Ideal Assitant Tool

You can’t go wrong with Visia Skin Analysis as an assistant tool for your dermatologist. Analyzing your skin’s changes over time is what the device does.

Visia Skin Analysis can tell you how well a particular skincare product works for you and how much better your skin will look from using it. The test can also detect additional health problems, such as acne or other skin problems that you may be dealing with.

When aestheticians use this AI-powered tool, they can save time and money by not wasting it on treatment options that won’t work for their patients.


With the help of the Visia Skin Analysis device, our clinic will be able to provide you with the best possible skin care regimen and treatment. As a result, you will get the best results possible when the proper treatment is used.

Contact Zen Dermatology if you’d like to learn more about the best course of action for your skin’s condition through a UV photo with Visia Skin Analysis

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