What Is Zen Dermatology?

Zen Dermatology is a comprehensive medical aesthetic and integrative medical practice. Our co-founders are two Board-Certified Dermatologists who have extensive experience and specific expertise in medical, surgical, cosmetic, integrative and holistic treatment for skin health and wellness.

Zen Dermatology offers a unique all-in-one comprehensive inside/out approach to skin health, beauty and wellness, in a high-end professional and zen-like atmosphere. Using skin beauty and wellness as a motivator, our goal is to engage both the individual and the local community in a new way of wellness, utilizing a combination of cutting edge medical and cosmetic procedures, holistic and complimentary interventions and clinical research to help you achieve optimal results.

Our services include personalized solutions, lasers, neuromodulators, dermal fillers, custom peels, light therapy, customized supplements and herbals, holistic and integrative health services, ayurvedic treatments, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and a meditation room, because we believe in optimizing your skin, body and mind!

The Zen Approach

Healing from the inside-out

Skin health starts from within, and that’s why we take a targeted, inside-out approach with our skin health and beauty services.
We don’t just treat the problem, we find the solution.

Typical Approach

Treat the problems on the surface

Zen Dermatology Approach

Finds the solution that provides lasting mind, body & soul balance


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Our Dermatology Services

Community & Group Events

Our community and group events connect you with individuals and services that match your needs. Our events include meditation classes, educational seminars, kombucha and paint sessions, and more.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

Our nutrition and lifestyle counseling services offer guided programs and plans to ensure you meet your goals and heal your body from within. Our counseling services help you stay balanced, reduce stress, and improve movement.

Cosmetic Dermatology Skin Services

Our aesthetic & cosmetic dermatology services help you achieve the outer beauty you’re looking for. Services include, microneedling, chemical peels, cellulite reduction, and more.

Integrative Medicine Services

Our integrative medicine services offer holistic solutions to your skin and whole-body health. Services include vitamin infusions, IM nutrient therapy, and more.

Innovative Laser Treatments

Our professional laser treatment services help to reduce, remove and improve your complexion based on your unique, individual needs. Treatments include:

Laser Tattoo Reduction

Laser Scar Reduction

Laser Skin Resurfacing

CO2 Laser Resurfacing


Our Partners & Collaborators


Stay updated on treatments, specials, new research, personalized products and more.