Take an Integrative Approach to Hair Health and Hair Thinning.

Philosophy of the Integrative Hair Health Clinic

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We have four core philosophies in our Integrative Hair Health clinic that represent our whole-body approach.

  • Diagnose accurately
  • Treat with an Outside-In AND Inside-Out approach
  • Use therapies synergistically
  • Expand the horizons of hair research and health

Our services include

Diagnose Accurately

There are many forms of hair loss (also known as alopecia) and it’s important to establish the right cause for your hair loss. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Nutrition based hair thinning: we will assess your nutritional status and your diet to see if this is playing a role in poor hair growth or hair strength
  • Subjective hair thinning: A condition where you know your hair is thinning and the ponytail is getting thinner but your hair counts look to be normal on exam. Typically this requires a full discussion around stress, lifestyle, diet, and supplements to uncover the underlying cause.
  • Telogen effluvium (stress-related hair loss): The hair loss is typically the result of a stressful event such a major life change, surgery, new medication, or after giving birth. This form of hair loss is typically temporary but can become chronic with ongoing stress.
  • Hormone-based (androgenic) hair thinning: As the hormones shift in your body, there is a shift toward dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which leads to hair thinning.
  • Autoimmune cause for hair loss: Also known as alopecia areata. This can commonly show up as round areas of hair loss but can also present as full loss of hair on the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Scarring causes for hair loss: These conditions can sometimes look like other forms of hair loss but close exam by an expert can reveal these more uncommon conditions. Some examples include Lichen Planopilaris (LPP) and Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA)
  • Tension related hair loss (Traction alopecia): Occurs as a result of tight hair styles or a tight ponytail.

Outside-In AND Inside-Out Approach to Alopecia

Diagnosing and treating hair loss and hair health related issues requires a holistic approach. Once we have the diagnosis established, our services will incorporate options that include topical medications, supplements, and oils and we pair this with an internal approach. We believe that the health of the body on the inside and the outside is vital to hair health and this may include some or all of the following:

  • FDA approved medications
  • Natural Growth Factor injections
  • Diet optimization and nutritional counseling
  • Stress management techniques
  • Personalized and customized herbal and supplement formulations
  • Customized topical formulations
  • Probiotics
  • Hormone and gut health testing (where appropriate)

Integrative Medicine: Use Therapies Synergistically

Our integrative treatment approaches combine therapies from conventional medicine and dermatology, naturopathy, Ayurveda, herbal and botanical science, mind-body and mindfulness-based approaches to stress, and nutrition and dietary counseling.

Expand the Horizons of Hair Research and Health

We are frequently conducting studies through our clinical research department where we conduct many studies on nutrition, supplements, hair loss, and hair health. If you join a study, typically all of the product is provided free of charge and it will require you to come in for study related visits. You will get access to cutting edge technology or supplements that you might not get access to otherwise.

Customized and Individualized Hair Health Solutions

No two treatment approaches are the same and we customize the plan for each indivudal. We believe that conventional medicine is effective and important but can be augmented with the use of other perspectives and approaches. We believe a whole-body approach is best.


Ongoing Research


It depends. The first step is to make sure that you have an accurate diagnosis. Our team is lead by board-certified dermatologists who are the experts in hair loss and hair health. Once you are evaluated in person, you may need a biopsy but that can only be determined after a carefully assessing each individual with a history and exam.

Typically hair loss treatments will require ongoing management that will include a shift in the lifestyle as well.


Our physicians, naturopathic doctor, and practitioners work closely with compounding pharmacies to create our customized treatment plans. We frequently take other areas of your life into accounts such as sleep health, stress, and nutritional needs.


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I am a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and a board certified Dermatologist. My expertise centers on general dermatology including medical, surgical, and cosmetic services. With training in bioengineering, Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, I merge modern research and science with a personalized approach to each patient. My training in Ayurvedic medicine lets me bring in a more humanistic approach to my patient care, science, and research.

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