Aesthetic Skin Services

Helping you achieve the skin of your dreams

What We Do: Aesthetic Medicine

Our aesthetic specialties combine cosmetic alterations with vital treatment opportunities. Our team of practitioners provide holistic support for all of you aesthetic needs – from treating chronic conditions to providing spot treatments and everything in between. Our cosmetic enhancements will have you looking and feeling better in no time.

Our Aesthetic Services

We offer a wide selection of aesthetic skin services to help you look and feel your best from the inside out.

These services include:


Chemical peels


Back facials


ThermiSmooth skin tightening

Visia skin analysis

Why Choose Zen For Your Aesthetic Skincare Needs?

At Zen, we listen to you – inside and out. Our comprehensive approach to aesthetic and integrative medical practices was created by board-certified dermatologists and centered around understanding your whole-body needs.

When you choose Zen Dermatology, you can be sure you’ll be welcomed by a happy, passionate and professional team of practitioners make you their priority.

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Benefits Include

Boosts Collagen

Exfoliates The Skin

Improves The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Reduces Scarring

Improves Acne

Improves The Tone And Texture Of The Skin

Improves Skin Hydration

Integrative Medicine Services

Taking an integrated approach to skincare

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is an approach to healthcare that combines traditional medicinal solutions and treatments with alternative methods and therapies.

The defining principles of integrative medicine include an emphasis on healing, a whole-body approach, and an openness to self-exploration and development. What works for one individual does not work for another individual, and with an integrated approach, you’re ensuring the solutions you interact with meet all of your needs.

With this approach, the focus is on healing as opposed to the disease itself. This ensures that you get to the root of the cause, not just the symptoms of the ailment itself.

Integrative medicine services include:

Ayurvedic medicine

IV vitamin & mineral infusions

IM nutrient therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

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Cosmetic Dermatology Skin Services

Offering skin solutions catered to you

Cosmetic Dermatology Vs. Aesthetic Dermatology

Our cosmetic dermatology services work to treat the key ailments and concerns of our patients. But what is the difference between cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology?

When it comes to aesthetic services, our specialists focus on scars, wrinkles, and other surface-level ailments. These services are often times less invasive than some of our other cosmetic dermatology services.

Our cosmetic dermatology services can be a bit more invasive, though they still focus on cosmetic enhancements to the skin. Our services include botox, laser skin resurfacing, tattoo removal and much more.

Schedule a consultation today to find out what services are right for you.

Our Cosmetic Services

We offer a wide selection of cosmetic skin services to help you achieve your goals, treat your concerns, and leave you feeling great.

Our services include:


Dermal Fillers

Fontona 4D



IPL Photofacials

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Laser Skin Resurfacing

CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Cellulite Reduction


Skin Tightening

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Tattoo Removal

Why Choose Zen For Your Cosmetic Dermatology Needs?

We care about our patients from the inside out. It’s not just on the surface that matters, but your entire mental, emotional and physical well-being that we take into account when connecting you with the cosmetic dermatological services that you need.

Our passionate and professional staff of dermatology experts can help walk you through our procedures and prepare you for the journey ahead with ease and satisfaction.

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Holistic Lifestyle Counseling

While we know that a healthy lifestyle is important for overall wellness and well-being, sometimes knowing where to begin can feel daunting and overwhelming. Let us help you take those first steps and guide you on your personal journey to a more balanced and fulfilling life by optimizing your foundations of health (sleep, stress management, movement, etc) and utilizing custom botanical blends and supplements.

Our Lifestyle Counseling Services

Achieving a healthy lifestyleis easy with the help of our holistic lifestyle counseling services. Based on your unique needs and individual obstacles, we can help you put a plan together to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Our services can help you to better manage your time, prioritize physical activity, setup a healthier way to manage stresses and much more.

Every lifestyle plan is crafted based on your personalized strengths and weaknesses. We identify areas of growth and opportunity, leaning into your strengths while giving you the resources to improve in your weaker areas.

It can be easy to push off progress and wait for tomorrow, but at Zen, we’re committed to putting you on the perfect track to meet your short and long term health and wellness goals.

Benefits Of Lifestyle Counseling

Disease Prevention

Improved Overall Wellbeing

Weight optimization

Stress Management

Reduced Insomnia

Increased Energy

Increased Mood

Hormone Regulation

Optimized Digestion

Reduced Inflammation

Improved Libido

Improved Skin, Hair & Nails

Community & Group Events

Connecting our communities through holistic skincare services

Knowledge is power”. No matter if you are just curious or you are looking to shift your perspective and make lifestyle changes, you won’t want to miss out on our educational seminars where we share our knowledge on holistic living topics. These classes range in length from quick lunch-and-learns to more in-depth courses. We cover topics such as:

Nutrition & Digestion

Meditation & The Mind

Healthy Sleep Habits

Stress Management

Understanding Supplements

Ingredient Science

Understanding The Microbiome

The Gut-Skin-Access

Herbs And Botanicals

Stop Smoking

The Science Of Happiness

Exercise 101

Learn More

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