Spray Tanning

Spray tanning

Spray tanning is becoming increasingly popular as a sunless tanning method. A professional technician at Zen Dermatology will select the best formula for your skin tone and desired shade before your tanning session. An individual’s skin tone will determine the shade of the tanning solution they need in order to achieve a natural-looking tan.

Once your tanning shade has been chosen during your consultation, a tanning gun is used to spray the solution onto your skin. During the application of the tanning solution, your technician will ensure that it is applied evenly and optimally to the parts of your body you want to tan. Excess airbrush solution will also be prevented from reaching sensitive areas like the underarms, knees, and elbows that you do not want heavily tanned. In addition, this method does not leave streaks or stains, especially when applied correctly by our experts.

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Spray tanning is a healthy alternative to tanning beds that offers a bronze glow all year long. The process is relatively simple. The desired area of skin is misted with a thin spray, and the skin assumes a natural-looking tan.

After a spray tan, we recommend waiting 4-8 hours before taking your first shower, but not more than 24 hours

A spray tan generally lasts between five and ten days. Your spray tan’s duration depends on the skincare you use before and after the application.

Spray tanning should be done every 9-12 days for most skin types or 2-3 times per month. Your spray tan will look even and radiant between appointments if you maintain it properly.


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