Holistic Lifestyle Counseling

While we know that a healthy lifestyle is important for overall wellness and well-being, sometimes knowing where to begin can feel daunting and overwhelming. Let us help you take those first steps and guide you on your personal journey to a more balanced and fulfilling life by optimizing your foundations of health (sleep, stress management, movement, etc) and utilizing custom botanical blends and supplements.

Our Lifestyle Counseling Services

Achieving a healthy lifestyleis easy with the help of our holistic lifestyle counseling services. Based on your unique needs and individual obstacles, we can help you put a plan together to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Our services can help you to better manage your time, prioritize physical activity, setup a healthier way to manage stresses and much more.

Every lifestyle plan is crafted based on your personalized strengths and weaknesses. We identify areas of growth and opportunity, leaning into your strengths while giving you the resources to improve in your weaker areas.

It can be easy to push off progress and wait for tomorrow, but at Zen, we’re committed to putting you on the perfect track to meet your short and long term health and wellness goals.

Benefits Of Lifestyle Counseling

Disease Prevention

Improved Overall Wellbeing

Weight optimization

Stress Management

Reduced Insomnia

Increased Energy

Increased Mood

Hormone Regulation

Optimized Digestion

Reduced Inflammation

Improved Libido

Improved Skin, Hair & Nails