Spray Tanning


Spray tanning Spray tanning is becoming increasingly popular as a sunless tanning method. A professional technician at Zen Dermatology will select the best formula for your skin tone and desired shade before your tanning session. An individual’s skin tone will determine the shade of the tanning solution they need in order to achieve a natural-looking […]

Red Light Therapy


Red Light Therapy Red Light Therapy helps your body naturally produce enzymes, elastin fibers, and collagen, creating healthy, firm skin. Red light penetrates the skin and stimulates circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to the area. It also helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. As collagen plumps the skin, elastin firms it. […]

Infrared Sauna


INFRARED SAUNA Infrared saunas increase body temperature, leading to a deeper, more detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where many toxins reside. Infrared Sauna Therapy (IRT) has a wide range of therapeutic benefits in cells and tissues. In addition to reducing pain, IRT is also used to treat various medical conditions. It is a safe, […]

Fotona TightSculpting®


FOTONA TIGHTSCULPTING® Fotona TightSculpting® is a unique dual-wavelength, non-invasive laser treatment for skin tightening and sculpting* on all body areas. Exclusive delivery modes are employed to destroy adipocytes via hyperthermia and remodel collagens simultaneously with exceptional outcomes. No consumables or downtime are required for this non-invasive alternative to laser lipolysis. Zen

Fotona Scar & Stretch Mark Revision

Fotona Scar & Stretch Mark Revision by Zen Dermatology in Sacramento, CA

FOTONA SCAR & STREACTH MARK REVESION The Fotona provides a minimally invasive option for laser scar-revision treatment. Lasers are well suited for the effective treatment of scar tissue. We can treat acne scars, surgical scars, hypertrophic scars, stretch marks, and more. This treatment improves the aesthetic appearance and overall tissue quality of a scar, including […]

Fotona 4D


FOTONA 4D The Fotona Dynamis Pro offers treatment in four dimensions. To treat deeper, medial, and superficial connective structures of the skin simultaneously, Fotona’s complementary Nd:YAG and Er:YAG wavelengths are synergistically applied in four different modes: SMOOTH®, FRAC3®, PIANO®, and SupErficialTM. Fotona’s 4D laser treatment provides persistent, low-downtime tightening and volumization (wrinkle reduction) without injectables […]

Fotona LipLase


FOTONA LIPLASE This treatment is a non-invasive plumping for fuller lips without injectables or can be paired with injectables depending on desired results. This treatment provides an immediate response that patients will notice. LipLaseTM is a genuine non-invasive treatment, relying on patients’ collagen to fill in their lips instead of injectable fillers. Several adjusted passes […]

Fotona EyeLase

zen_dermatology_services_fotona_eyelase_sacramento, CA

Fotona helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes in a non-invasive approach. The non-ablative laser is applied to stimulate collagen remodeling and contraction. A comprehensive assessment of the periocular and intraocular regions are conducted including the upper, lower, and lateral examinations of the eye. Patients tolerate the therapy well with little to no discomfort. Preparing For […]

Fotona NightLase

Fotona NightLase Treatment by Zen Dermatology in Sacramento, CA

FOTONA NIGHTLASE Fotona’s NightLase® therapy is a non-invasive laser treatment designed to improve the quality of the patient’s sleep. With NightLase, you can reduce the effects of sleep apnea and decrease the amplitude of snoring by tightening the oral mucosa tissue using a gentle laser-induced contraction. Zen



VISIA SKIN analysis State-of-the-art skin consultations WHAT IS A VISIA SKIN ANALYSIS?The VISIA imaging system offers an innovative way to understand a person’s unique skin profile, identifying individual facial characteristics in order to build a customized plan. HOW DOES THE SKIN ANALYSIS WORK?The VISIA imaging device initially scans your skin to identify unique characteristics as […]

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