What are the Side Effects of Fotona Laser?

What are the Side Effects of Fotona Laser

Laser treatments are fast becoming more and more popular. But they are not all the same. For instance, the Fotona Laser is one of the safest and most effective laser procedures for treating several types of skin problems.

Find out today the necessary details you need to know about the Fotona laser. We will discuss how it works, its benefits, its adverse effects, and more.

What is the Fotona Laser?

The Fotona laser treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that uses various laser technologies. The Fotona laser is effective and adaptable since it uses two separate wavelengths, Er: YAG and Nd: YAG.

It works with all skin types and problems. However, since it is now simple to operate precisely and exactly in the intended area, it has not only improved the effectiveness of laser treatment but also lowered the risk of injury and complication.

The Fotona laser therapy is a non-invasive, four-step skin tightening and resurfacing process that can significantly enhance your face’s clinical outcomes. The Fotona laser works effectively on all skin types and delivers more effectively than conventional lasers like IPL or Diodes.

Fotona Lasers achieve impressive results without the problems sometimes associated with CO2-powered lasers by using crystal-powered light energy. It is a quick, painless, and efficient technique to get skin that is smoother, tighter, and looks more youthful.

Because the Fotona laser has been shown in clinical studies to be safe, almost without side effects, and to produce positive results, individuals are choosing it over other clinical treatments.

How Does Fotona Laser Work?

The Fotona laser is a four-step procedure that targets the skin’s innermost, middle, and outermost layers using the twin technology of Nd-YAG and Er-YAG lasers. With the help of its VSP technology, the practitioner can choose from several operating modes, including thermal, non-ablative skin rejuvenation deep in the dermis, combined ablative and thermal treatment, and cold ablation. Thus, the Er-YAG lasers provide the practitioner with the widest variety of skin rejuvenation procedures (collagen remodeling, skin tightening, and light peels, among others).

Step 1: SmoothLiftin

The SmoothLiftin intraoral laser rejuvenation is the initial phase, and it lifts, firms, and volumizes the lips and cheeks inside the mouth. It stimulates collagen contraction in the area by gently and subtly “bulk-heating” the room with the Er-YAG laser. Following this stage, there is a noticeable filler-like plumping effect in the nasolabial folds.

Step 2: FRAC3

The second step is called FRAC3 Rejuvenation, and it is used to correct the more profound flaws in the skin. This process gives the skin a more youthful texture and evens the skin tone. The second step employs the Nd-YAG FRAC3® laser, which restores young texture by interpolating targeted and standardized photothermolysis at a deeper level.

Step 3: PIANO

The third phase concentrates energy delivery subcutaneously using a special PIANO Nd-YAG pulse mode. This process guarantees a synergistic tightening result all around. It is secure heating that operates from the outside.

Step 4: Superficial

The fourth and last phase uses a light, cold, Superficial Er-YAG ablation, which serves as a peel on the surface and outermost level. This final process gives the skin a pearly finish and leaves it feeling smooth, taut, and devoid of any texture or imperfections.

The dead skin is removed using a gentle cold ablation procedure known as a superficial light peel to create healthy skin. The Fotona treatment lessens the skin’s flaws and leaves it looking smooth and young.

Together, these four laser modalities guarantee full-thickness laser therapy that doesn’t require incisions or discomfort.

Is the Fotona Laser Safe?

The highly developed and adaptable Fotona 4D laser treatment promises effectiveness with its high-precision laser delivery. Additionally, getting treated in a respected facility is relatively safe.

Does the Fotona Laser Have Side Effects?

Although the fotona laser treatment is safe, it has specific adverse effects, just like other clinical therapies. It is non-ablative, yet it still has the potential to spread infection by activating the herpes virus. Additionally, there is a small potential that it will permanently darken your skin tone compared to before the treatment. 

The treated area may also swell up and get somewhat red immediately after the treatment, but these side effects are temporary and will go away in a few hours or days.

If you have sensitive and reactive skin, you risk experiencing these side effects. 

If you ever consider getting a laser treatment, consider a few key factors first. Make sure the cosmetic surgeon you choose has experience. And make sure you are healthy and free of any diseases because they can lead to issues. 

Take all medical and physical examinations, and talk to your doctor about any concerns. If you wish to have laser treatment, stay out of the sun and heat and follow your doctor’s recommendations. To avoid any unforeseen circumstances or reactions after the process, you should be aware of both the surgery’s advantages and side effects on your skin.

The Effects of Fotona Laser

Results became apparent after the first session. For best outcomes, you should have a minimum of three sessions. There is very little to no downtime necessary, and the patient’s comfort is guaranteed. 

Typically, each session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. You can easily schedule a treatment during your lunch break and return to work without missing a beat.

The Benefits of Fotona Laser

Many people choose the Fotona laser for its many benefits, which include the following:

  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • No pauses
  • Reduces aging symptoms
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Skin firming
  • No post-op care is necessary
  • does not harm the top layer of the skin

Fotona Laser – Your Safe Solution for Skin Problems

The Fotona laser is the safest and most effective laser treatment for many skin aesthetic issues. It is convenient, doesn’t require lengthy downtime, has only minor and temporary side effects, and is guaranteed effective.

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