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The Zen Difference - Zen Dermatology in Sacramento CA

At Zen Dermatology, we pride ourselves on taking an integrative and holistic approach to your health. Our unique team is a blend of medical and naturopathic doctors who have expertise in Western and Eastern medical practices. So, what does that mean for you? We understand the importance of every aspect of your health from the foods you eat and your stress levels to your gut microbiome, the health of your relationships, and the products you use daily. All of these factors are reflected in your happiness, energy levels, and the health of your skin!

Instead of focusing our treatments on just the aspects of your health that we can visualize or measure, we like to see the big picture and address your health as a whole. Below are some examples:

  • Skin: how you are treating your skin and the products you are using- ingredients matter!
  • Gut: how well your gut microbiome and digestion are functioning for optimal health
  • Mind: what you think and how you feel can have a huge impact on your day to day life
  • Body: our bodies are incredible and through daily movement, we can help you to support every system to function its best 
  • Soul: the most important aspect of our health, yet it is most often left out. Our soul helps us understand what it truly means to feel well! 

Through our personalized treatment plans specific to your needs, we can help you address all these aspects of your health and help start you on your unique wellness journey. 

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology
  • Integrative wellness visits 
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling 
  • IV and IM nutrient therapy 
  • Individual botanical medicine and supplement prescriptions 
  • Customized skincare products 
  • Community and group events 

Give us a call at 916-936-1231 to schedule an appointment to start your wellness journey today! Let us help you get there!

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I am a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and a board certified Dermatologist. My expertise centers on general dermatology including medical, surgical, and cosmetic services. With training in bioengineering, Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, I merge modern research and science with a personalized approach to each patient. My training in Ayurvedic medicine lets me bring in a more humanistic approach to my patient care, science, and research.

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